Social Change

100% of Her Platform profits are invested in funding primary prevention work within our communities to break the cycle of violence and de-stigmatise mental health concerns.

The Centre for Women & Co.'s core funding comes from The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. However, primary prevention funding is something that is missing in our community and the wider, global community.

This is where Her Platform comes in. 

As of July 2021, Her Platform Proceeds have been allocated to a new role focused specifically on education about mental health and prevention of violence within The Centre for Women & Co. team. This funding contributes to resource production and distribution, digital storytelling pieces, impactful social media and more. The focus of this role ranges from young children all the way into older adulthood - it's never to late to learn nor is it ever too late to make a change.

Where to from here?

Primary prevention work complements responsive work. It aims to prevent violence from occurring by addressing risk factors and drivers of violence before it starts. Primary prevention helps shift social attitudes and behaviours in private and public life as well as in service systems that may tolerate, justify or excuse violence.


We hope to continue to make waves and let community members ride the wave of knowledge with us to continue to breakdown barriers to disclosure, create safe spaces and end violence. For us, this will look like:

  • Creating new resources.
  • Getting out into our community more and talking about domestic and family violence and mental health.
  • Spreading more positive social messaging.
  • Finding more allies within all generations. 
  • Collaborating with other organisations and individuals.
  • Continuing to train corporate and community organisations to respond to DFV and mental health in the workplace and in our communities (see video below).