Hello Legends!

About us

We started her.platform as a way to support The Centre for Women & Co., a not-for-profit organisation that works with families affected by Women's Health and Domestic and Family Violence across the Redlands and Logan regions, providing specialist Domestic and Family Violence support for women and children, free women’s wellness counselling, outreach projects, and men’s behaviour change support.

We're super excited to open our online shop that helps support our organisation and spread maximum fempower messages. 100% of profits from this shop fund services and programs that support women and children including those affected by Domestic and Family Violence. Profits go towards emergency grocery vouchers, sanitary products, clothing for women and children as well as free counselling and crisis support for women experiencing trauma, grief, domestic violence and mental illness.

    Our central site, her.platform, provides access to women's health and wellness courses and information. It is a safe, online space where women can talk about real things, connect and support each other.

    Thank you for your support!